The HoloBuilder JobWalk App - The Fastest and Easiest Way to Document Construction Projects The HoloBuilder JobWalk App connected to your 360° camera is the easiest & fastest way to document construction projects. Capture jobsite progress in 360 degrees and put an end to your photo documentation headaches.

All you need to know about the JobWalk App 2.0

A general guide to the best JobWalk app yet   Straightforward creation of your own virtual 360° construction documentation while on the go with JobWalk 2.0 — The new version of the HoloBuilder JobWalk App. The intuitive interface improves 360° image taking and virtual tour creation with HoloBuilder, enabling you to create your virtual 360°[…]

HoloBuilder 360 SiteStream: Learn all details about how to set-up your own live streaming solution for 360° real-time construction progress monitoring.

How to Set-Up 360 SiteStream for Real-Time Construction Site Monitoring

This feature is available for all users. Necessary dashboard permission: Enterprise Admin, Group Manager or Project Manager. Necessary permissions on Project Level: Project Owner, Projekt Admin, Projekt Editor Overview 1 Requirements for setup 2 Preparation – Install the 360 SiteStream plug-in 3 Setting up the live stream in the JobWalk app 4 View the live stream[…]