The sidebar

This feature is available for all users.
Necessary permission: Enterprise Admin, Group Manager or Project Manager as well as Project Owner, Project Admin, and Project Editor.

Please note that some features included in the side panel are not available for all user but only for users with the Construction Plan or a higher subscription.


The right-hand sidebar holds all tools, object libraries, and actions that can be used to augment the 360° images in your project.

There are 5 sections:

  1. Scene
  2. Measure
  3. Objects
  4. Markups
  5. Modify


1. Scene

Edit your scene and manage any assets/content of the currently selected scene.

Rotate Scene

Correct any tilts in your 360° images by rotating the image on any of the three axes. Learn more here.

Download screenshot of scene view

Click the button to capture a screenshot of the currently selected view of the scene. The screenshot can be configured to include markups and any other information or be only the plain view of the 360° image. Learn more about downloading a screenshot here.

Object list (Assets)

Find an overview of all objects already added in the currently selected scene. Rename the objects and organize them into folders to show and hide as a group. Learn more about showing and hiding object groups here.

Switch to the Scene Section in the Sidebar

2. Measure

The Wall Measurements Beta feature allows you to add measurements for on walls, e.g. for doors, windows or any other distances. Learn how to use Wall Measurements Beta here.

3. Objects

All objects can be added easily to a scene by dragging the object onto a certain location in the 360° image or simply clicking on the object.

Custom Objects

Augment your scene with custom 2D images, 3D models as well as 2D & 3D text:

  • Add 2D Text: Customize and add your personal 2D text directly in your scene.
  • Add 3D Text: Customize and add information directly in your scene as 3D text.
  • Add custom 2D images: Upload and add custom 2D images directly in a 360° image, e.g. to cover up specific areas.
  • Add custom 3D models: Upload a 3D model from your desktop to be displayed in the 360° scene. Learn more.

Action Objects

Action objects are predefined 2D objects with specific actions attached.


This section includes a variety of 3D arrows to be placed in a scene. Augment these standard 3d objects with actions or change the color (see the modify section).


This section includes a variety of 3D shapes to be placed in a scene. Augment these standard 3d shapes with actions or change the color (see the modify section).

Textured Shapes

With ‘Textured Shapes’ you can add your standard 2D images as rotatable 3D objects. Select a shape and attach an image of your choice to use as a texture for the selected object. The objects will not turn to always face the viewer of a project. Learn more about textured shapes here.

Insert object into your scene from the sidebar

4. Markups

Add different custom markups to highlight certain aspects directly in the 360° images and manage them in the MarkupList. Learn more about Markups and the MarkupList here.

5. Modify

The ‘Modify’ section is only available when an object in the scene is selected. Otherwise, this section is greyed out and cannot be accessed.

Select an object to enable the ‘Modify’ section.

Duplicate objectDuplicate object

Create a copy of the selected object.

Please note that the clone of the object will not have any action or animation applied even if the original object hat one. These need to be added separately.

Move objectRotate objectScale object
Move, scale and rotate

These three options can be used to move, rotate and scale your selected object. Learn more about moving, rotating and scaling your objects here.

Please note that you can lock and unlock to modify the objects globally or only in one direction.

Change color of objectChange color

Select a color to adjust the color of the currently selected object. To choose any other color, click on the larger color field at the top to open the color picker tool.

Alternatively, you can right-click the object and select ‘Change color’ in the context menu.

Make object interactiveActions

Apply a new action to your object or change the already applied action or asset.

Alternatively, you can right-click the object and select ‘Actions’ in the context menu.

Animate objectAnimations

Animate your selected object to having it move in the player view.

Alternatively, you can right-click the object and select ‘Animations’ in the context menu.

Delete objectDelete

Select the recycling bin to delete the currently selected object.

Alternatively, you can use the ‘Del’ key of your keyboard to directly delete a selected object or right-click the object and select ‘Delete’ in the context menu.


Modify the the selected object


If you still have any questions about using the sidebar or HoloBuilder in general, please let us know by e-mail at or via our integrated live chat on