Relocate a scene from a TimeTravel to another

This feature is only available for Enterprise Dashboard, Construction SolutionConstruction Plan Users. Get access to the Enterprise Dashboard.
Necessary permission: Enterprise Admin, Group Manager or Project Manager as well as Project Owner, Project Admin, and Project Editor.

Move individual scenes from TimeTravels to another TimeTravel location, e.g. if displaced during capturing.



This feature will help you to manage your TimeTravel better, create new TimeTravels also with already uploaded scenes and reassign displaced scenes:

  • move a scene from one TimeTravel to another
  • add a single already uploaded scene to a TimeTravel
  • merge a single already uploaded scene to another single already uploaded scene together to a TimeTravel


Changing the assigned scene location for a TimeTravel scene

Move any scene in your project to another scene’s location either to add to an existing TimeTravel or create a new TimeTravel:

  1. Select the scene: Select the scene you want to move to another location in the Project Panel on the left. If this is a TimeTravel, make sure to select the right timestamp in the TimeTravel drop-down menu.
  2. Open the scene settings: Access the scene settings for the selected scene by clicking on the scene’s name above the preview thumbnail or on the little pen icon next to it.
  3. Assign to a new location: In the scene settings, navigate to the bottom of the view. Chose a new scene location where you would like to assign the currently selected scene to. The scene will then be moved as TimeTravel scene to the new location.

Please note that this feature can only be used to assign individual scenes to other scenes or TimeTravels. 

Assign a scene to a new scene location


If you still have any questions about reassigning scenes to your TimeTravels or about HoloBuilder in general, please let us know by e-mail at or via our integrated live chat on



Why can’t I move some scenes from a TimeTravel?

These scenes are the so-called parent scenes which are used as the basis for all the linked TimeTravel scenes. In order to move these scenes, you first need to move all linked TimeTravel scenes to another scene location.

How can I move a scene from a TimeTravel to become a stand-alone scene?

You need to assign all other scenes to another scene/TimeTravel to isolate a specific scene and keep this as a stand-alone scene.