Nothing less than a revolution in image quality: holobuilder v. 57 is here!

holobuilder v. 57 with amazing new image quality due to image slicing

Screenshot of holobuilder v. 57 with amazing new image quality

Over the last weeks our developers worked really hard, with a strong focus on image quality and processing. They were aiming to provide nothing less than the best image quality thats actually attainable these days, right within holobuilder. As expected they were finally successful and the result is the all new holobuilder v. 57 with stunning image quality for photospheres.

In technical terms this means:

  • spherical images are now being sliced:
    • great improvement in quality and loading time, just for the first time the dropped sphere is loading a little slower, because of the one time slicing process.
    • slices will be downloaded only if the slide is showing, so that the loading time is significantly faster and less traffic is generated.
    • each sphere contains a heavily compressed preview-texture for each normal texture:
      • during the loading process not everything has to be loaded at once
      • → independent from the number of slides all (pure photosphere-) presentations will equally load very fast!
    • the greater the size of a picture, into the more slices it will be divided:
      • regular slice size is 2,048 x 2048 px (compared to 4,096 x 4,096 px in the previous versions).
      • a picture will be resized to maximum of 4 x 2 slices (images will be divided into 2 squares and then each square recursively into 4).
      • sphere have an aspect ratio of 2:1 e.g. 16,000 x 8,000 px (no losses due to stretching anymore).
      • textures are compressed with quality assurance of 80% (compared to 60% in the previous versions).
        • one sphere is still at max 6 megabytes in size with a much better image quality, so that a fast loading time is still guaranteed!
  • the GUI received a pretty nice update incl. bugfixes (e.g. look at the bottom bar in the example):
    • a loading animation bridges the loading phase of app and slices.
    • panel is shown only on mouse over (not in mobile browsers).
    • zoom in player mode in sphere fixed.
    • rotate in right direction in sphere fixed.
    • actionbar zoom button removed from player mode.
    • background with opacity on bottom buttons.
    • bottom buttons panel responsive.
    • slides panel is in phone mode black with opacity and toggle.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words we would like to encourage you to take a look at the following comparison between the old and the new version (top: new, bottom: old):

Image quality and new GUI in holobuilder v. 57:

Image quality and old GUI in holobuilder v. 56:

We think this is a big step forward and makes the tool even better, not at least for professional users. So what do you think, do you like it? We would love to read your feedback in the comment section.