The HoloBuilder Add-In for Autodesk Navisworks

This feature is only available for Enterprise Dashboard & Construction Solution Users.
Necessary dashboard permission: Enterprise Admin, Group Manager, Project Manager
Necessary permissions on Project Level: Project Owner


Export your coordinated models directly from Navisworks as 360° tour into HoloBuilder to continue documenting progress with the web editor or JobWalk app. Get the HoloBuilder add-in for Navisworks as well as a quick overview here. The plugin is compatible with both Manage and Simulate 2017,2018 and 2019 versions of Navisworks.

1 Installing the Add-In
2 Create a HoloBuilder tour within Navisworks
3 View the HoloBuilder project
4 View the HoloBuilder project



Use the HoloBuilder Navisworks Add-in to:

  • Export coordination BIM model 360° viewpoint renderings from Autodesk Navisworks to HoloBuilder with a few clicks
  • Combine BIM model viewpoints with 360° progress photos for side-by-side comparison with SplitScreen
  • Open and view the lightweight rendering views on any device, even in the field, without the need to download any software
  • Use it for design review between all stakeholders, of which many are often remote

1 Installing the add-in

Download the add-in here and follow the instruction of the installer file to install the add-in into your Navisworks platform.

Please make sure that the Windows account that you are using to install and use the Navisworks Add-In has Administrator Privileges and please also close Navisworks before installing the HoloBuilder Add-In.


2 Create a HoloBuilder tour in Navisworks

Make sure you have installed the HoloBuilder Add-In for Navisworks correctly. You can see this when the three HoloBuilder edit options show in the “Export Add-Ins 1” section in your Navisworks working environment. 

Uploading a 360° rendering view of your 3D model from Autodesk Navisworks can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Load your Autodesk Navisworks project with the 3D view that you want to upload into HoloBuilder.
  2. Limit the viewing area using the “Sectioning Tools” button in the menu bar and create a  “Box Plane” around the area or floor that you want to upload as 360° view or use as sheet in HoloBuilder.
    Create your Navisworks HoloBuilder tour
  3. Select “Export Add-Ins 1” in the menu bar and click on “Add Sheet Viewpoint” to create a sheet to be used in HoloBuilder from the currently selected Viewpoint in Navisworks.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all the floors/sections that you want to export to HoloBuilder as sheets.
  5. When you are finished creating all “Sheet Viewpoints” you will find them in the “Saved Viewports” sidebar in the “HB Sheets” folder.
  6. Adding plains & boxes
  7. Navigate to the location that you want to export as your first 360° view rendering.
  8. Select “Add 360 Viewpoint” in the Export Add-In section of the menu bar to place a view that will be rendered as 360° image to be uploaded to HoloBuilder.
  9. After placing the “360 Viewpoint” you will find it in the right sidebar in the in the “Saved Viewports” sidebar in the “HB 360 Views” folder.
  10. Repeat step 6 for all the locations that you want to export to HoloBuilder.
  11. When you have placed all “360 Viewpoints” that you like to export to HoloBuilder, click on the “Export to HoloBuilder” button in the HoloBuilder Add-In section.
  12. Select the “Sheet Viewpoints” and “360 Viewpoints”  that you want to upload as HoloBuilder
  13. All your 360 Viewpoints and Sheet Views will be uploaded to HoloBuilder and you’ll find the 360° Views placed on the Sheets inside the HoloBuilder Web Viewer that opens up. You can edit the project in the Web Editor as required later on.


Watch the whole process of creating a HoloBuilder tour from your Navisworks coordinated models in this video:


3 Edit the project

An exported Navisworks project can be edited like any other project in HoloBuilder with both, the web editor as well as the JobWalk app. Simply log into your HoloBuilder account to access the project on your PC or download it to your mobile device to continue capturing progress with the JobWalk app.


4 View the HoloBuilder project

Once the upload of the exported Navisworks project was completed, you can view the project directly in the browser. View and navigate the project through the waypoints on the sheets or the Project Panel on the left side of the screen.

Once you have added TimeTravel scenes, you can also use SplitScreen to compare your 360° rendering from Navisworks with the real-life captures of the site.


If you still have any questions about exporting your Navisworks coordinated models directly to HoloBuilder as 360° tour or HoloBuilder in general, please let us know by e-mail at or via our integrated live chat on