How to import HoloBuilder Projects into a new one

This small but very helpful feature will allow you to import existing HoloBuilder projects into a new project. This way all sheets, scenes, and time travels from one project will be added to the other. So, if you, e.g., have created a new project for each floor before, you can now easily merge the projects together to one project with multiple sheets.

How to import a project?

First, open the main project you want to add other existing projects to. Follow these easy steps to import further projects to this project:

  1. Click on the green button at the bottom of the project panel.
  2. Click on the tab “ Import Existing Project“:
  3. Select the project you want to import from your existing projects. 
  4. Click the IMPORT button to merge the selected project to your initial project. 

It is that easy! Now all sheets, scenes, and time travels from the imported project will be added to your current project. You can delete and edit everything as usual and, of course, you can repeat the import process with as many projects as you like.

Please note: If you import a project, always the current state of a project gets imported. Therefore, changes to the newly merged project will not automatically appear in the other one and vice versa. If you, e.g., import Project01 into Project02 and later on make changes to Project01, this will not influence the content of Project02, neither will changes in Project02 influence Project01.  This way you can import an old project into as many new projects as you like.

Enjoy merging your projects and try out the new Multiple Sheets feature.


If you have any further questions about merging your projects, you can contact us by email at or chat with us directly on any of our homepages.