How to download a screenshot of a 360° scene

This feature is available for all users.
Necessary dashboard permission: Enterprise Admin, Group Manager or Project Manager.
Necessary p
ermissions on Project Level: Project Owner, Project Admin, Project Editor.

General use

With ScreenCapture, you can capture details of your 360° image as a JPEG image to be downloaded and shared.

How to

ScreenCapture is available in the web editor on the right-hand side: 

  1. Open your HoloBuilder project in the web editor.
  2. Select the scene you want to take a screen capture in.
  3. Rotate the 360° view to face the direction you would like to capture.
  4. Click on the download button on the right side of the editor.


Download a screen capture of a sceneThe screenshot will be downloaded directly to your PC as standard JPG image file. You can find the file in your download folder.


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