How to add Sounds to your project

You can add sound files to your HoloBuilder projects to provide some information, voice messages or meeting logs. It is possible to add sounds either as .mp3, .ogg  as well as selected other formats.


1 ‘Action object’ vs ‘Action’

‘Play Sound’ Action Object

The easiest and fasted way to add sound to your project is by using the ‘Play Sound’ action object. Click on the  tab and open the section ‘Action Objects’.

Click on the tile ‘Play Sound’ to add the object in the middle of the scene or drag and drop the icon in a specific location of the scene.

Custom object with ‘Play Sound’ action

Alternatively, it is also possible to add sounds to any custom object, 2D or 3D. Select the object you want to add sound to and switch to the action menu  in the right-hand menu overview. Alternatively, you can right-click the object you want to add sound to and select ‘Add/Change action’ from the menu. The action menu will open in the right-hand menu overview. Click on the action ‘Play Sound’ to attach one to the object.

Add a sound object to your project

2 Select a file

In the following dialog box, drop the sound file from your computer into the highlighted area or browse your computer for it by clicking SELECT FILE. Make sure your file has one of the supported formats to avoid any problems later on. If the format is not supported, the file will not play.

Also, avoid large audio files. Large files will take longer to load and might disturb the experience.

Upload a sound file

Once a file was selected and uploaded, you can adjust the settings. Click on SELECT ANOTHER FILE to switch the currently selected file to another.

Adjust the play settings to fit your preferences. Enable ‘Autostart’ to play the audio file as soon as the containing scene is opened. Or, turn on ‘Repeat’ to replay the audio file until stopped by the viewer or switching scene.

Note: It is not possible to add sound to the whole project, to continue playing across multiple scenes. A sound will play only as long as the corresponding scene is shown. When changing to the next scene, the sound playing will stop.


3 Player view

If a sound is set to ‘Autoplay’ it will automatically start when the corresponding scene was opened. A sound set to repeat will replay again and again once started.

A sound can be stopped any time by simply clicking the same object again. The sound will start from the beginning when the object is clicked once again. Each activated sound will play the whole length of the file once and then stop.

The sound feature plays stereo sound which adapts to the orientation of your project when viewing it. When turning around, the source of the sound will be fixed to a certain location and the sounds you hear will dynamically adapt to your orientation in the project as if you were really there.



That’s currently all there is to know about sounds in HoloBuilder. In case of any questions that are not covered by this tutorial or if you have suggestions for improvements please do not hesitate to contact us!