How to add a sheet to your HoloBuilder project

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In the following section, you can find out more on how to add a sheet to your Holos. The plan will be visible as an expandable overlay in the upper left corner of each scene contained in your Holo. Define the location of your scene on the plan and make it even easier to navigate through your virtual tour.

Get a quick overview on this topic and what you can do with HoloBuilder:

Floor Plan View in HoloBuilder

Add a floor plan

Add a floor plan either directly when creating a new Holo, or to an existing Holo. Be free to choose how you want to start creating your perfect virtual tour:

Floor Plan Scene Type selection

1) Upload floor plan first

It is possible to create a Holo without uploading your 360-degree photospheres first by solely adding a floor plan. This way you can add the corresponding scenes later on and set the location directly on the previously attached plan.

To upload your plan first, simply select the tab ‘Floor Plan’ from the overlay menu to ‘Choose a new Sphere’. Click on the rectangular area ‘Project with Floor Plan’ in the tab to choose a floor plan from your computer.

Note: When creating a Holo starting with the ‘Floor Plan’ tab, it is not possible to directly add photospheres. You need to upload the photospheres later on.

Edit floor plan


Add the floor plan as .jpeg, .jpg, .png, or as .PDF file – even with multiple pages. Each file format bears it’s advantages, as, e.g., .png files allow you to add the plan without background for a better-integrated feeling.

Furthermore, you can select only parts of a plan by cropping it to the desired section as shown in the image above. Approve, dismiss or undo the cropping of your plan with the given tools on top of the floor plan image. If using a .pdf file with more than one page, select the desired page first by skipping through the pages with the controls below the image representation of the plan.

The attached plan illustration will be shown as a thumbnail in the upper left corner of a scene in the editor. Hover over the image to expand it.

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2) Create Scenes first

If you already have all your 360-degree images, you can upload them as usual by drag and drop in the first tab of the overlay menu to ‘Choose a new Sphere’ (see ‘Add a floor plan’).  In the editor, click on the button ‘Add Floor Plan’ in the upper left corner (see image below). Choose the file you want to add and crop it, if desired, as described above.

Add a Floor Plan to your scenes

The attached plan image will be shown as a thumbnail in place of the add button (see second image above). Hover over the plan to expand it for a more detailed view.

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Set your scenes

Each uploaded 360-degree photosphere will represent a scene of your Holo which can be attached to a certain location on the floor plan. By hovering your mouse over the plan it will expand fully. Remove the cursor from the plan to reduce the size of the plan back to the thumbnail in the upper left corner.

Add a location

Open the scene you want to set the location for on the floor plan. Connect the scene to a certain location on the plan by clicking on the according spot on the expanded image. The scene you are currently in will be marked with an orange circle. Other scenes will be represented as gray circles. See the image below for reference. Click on another gray circle to directly jump to the referred scene.

Attached floor plan

To close the expanded floor plan and continue editing your scenes or change the scene, simply remove your mouse from the image. The image will return back to thumbnail size.

Change the location of the marker of the scene you are currently in by clicking to the desired spot on the plan. To change the markers of the other scenes, you need to first change to the according scene by clicking on the scene preview in the left-hand side scene overview panel.

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Change your floor plan

To change the file of the plan, click on the replacing icon in the upper right corner of the plan image. Replacing the floor plan, allows you to choose a new plan file while keeping the attached hotspots, e.g. when smaller details on the current plan were changed in retrospect.

Alternatively, you can click on the add a scene button. Select the ‘Floor Plan’ tab and click on the rectangular area (see ‘Add a floor plan’). You can now choose and upload another file to replace your previous plan.

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Remove your floor plan

Click on the recycling bin icon in the upper right corner of the plan. The currently attached plan will be deleted completely from your Holo. When deleting the plan completely, you will also remove all hotspots already placed on the floor plan.

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View your floor plan Holo

View and share your final VR tour with attached floor plan as usual. Click on the play button  in the upper right corner to change to player mode and have a look at how others will experience your Holo. Or, share your Holo directly by clicking on the sharing icon .

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