Let’s celebrate: HoloBuilder v100 is live!

Let's celebrate: HoloBuilder v100 is live!

Let’s celebrate: HoloBuilder v100 is live!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are fastly approaching, but that’s not the only reason to celebrate:

HoloBuilder v100 has just gone live!

This means that you’ve provided awesome feedback (many) more than 100 times, that we’ve done 100 iterations and still continue to evolve. To provide the best tool for custom Virtual and Augmented Reality content creation available on the market.

Besides many improvements in the backend, which make the overall UX (User Experience) much better, some great changes have happened since the last developer post was published. This is why we want to take the chance and share them with you in the known changelog format:

Osterhout Design Group (ODG) is a new premium partner of HoloBuilder
– PDFs can be loaded as 2D slide marker
– Default slide names will be taken from the marker’s last modified date
– New navigation panel (can be enabled in sharing settings)
– Changes to sharing with default settings:
-> “show slides panel” is OFF by default
-> “show navigation panel” is ON by default
– Default navigation panel on explore page has changed
– Frontend version is now always shown in the menu
– Re-Design of right user panel
– Sphere marker calibration like in a flight simulator
– Drag’n’drop of tools in the scene
– Taking screenshots saves camera position, zoom, field of view and center, on which the camera rotates
– Bottom action bar was cleaned up (buttons)
– PCD cloud improvements: Greater density for points, smaller point size
– Image Preprocessor got two new options: “Apply to all” and “Skip all”
– Different people visiting the #holo can see each other (only if both have enabled the “see other users” feature)
– New possibility to select a material for imported models, called “shadow”. It’s a switch in model importer view. OFF by default. Depending on the model if it is useful to switch it ON.
Shadow Feature Enabled vs Disabled
(General guideline: Scanned models should be without shadows because they already have natural shadows in their texture)

– Dropped marker-links scale will be calculated correctly (requested feature – average scale)
– Fixed gotoSlide command (quadruple security – user reported bug)
– Fixed drop/selection of 2D images
– Right messages when setting sensors ON/OFF
– Fixed object naming
– many more, smaller ones!