If you don’t go forward, you go backwards: HoloBuilder has evolved to version 64

Image preprocessing in holobuilder v64

Screenshot of image preprocessing dialogue in holobuilder v64 with THETA filter loading

Since the last developer blog post some time has passed, but that does not mean that nothing happened during that time: We have just been busy making HoloBuilder even better!

Today we finally reached version 64, which includes many improvements.
Highlight: Image preprocessing with automatic/custom filters directly within HoloBuilder improves image quality! All uploaded 360° photos can be fine-tuned with three individual settings or one of two ready-to-use filters before they are finally imported into the app. One of the filters is especially designed for RICOH THETA images, so as an example we provide the following presentation where a direct comparison of filtered and unfiltered slides show the benefits:

But that is not all that has changed and because not all of the many more great improvements are directly visible from the user interface, we subsequently provide the established change-log summary:

  • RICOH THETA filter added (and already improved in one iteration)
  • color vibrance filter included
  • improved cardboard mode:
    • pointer with new animation
    • quality of the sphere is further improved
    • cardboard mode buttons only displayed when sensors available
  • sliced sphere markers are now v3: a marker saves more than one resolution. At the moment maximum are 8 slices, which means that good quality images will be tiled into 3 packs: 4×2, 2×1 and 1×1 slices + a thumbnail. This is done for mobile browsers, because of memory lacks. So the mobile browser loads now always maximum 2×1 pack, desktop 4×2.
  • sphere textures will be removed from memory after slide is changed. This frees memory on older mobile devices to load next slide. In consequence each sphere will be now loaded again by opening slide. So many more slides can be loaded.
  • zoom level for mobile devices is now smaller, because of changes above
  • smartphones without WebGL-support now get a corresponding message
  • sharing project provides QR code
  • landing page changes
  • dropped files will be loaded in correct order
  • commands tab is now devided in standard and OPC-UA command
  • autorotate scene on player mode
  • if user is not logged in the login prompt will be shown on start screen
  • redirect mobile devices from explore site to app player
  • explore page projects are sorted by date/views
  • bugfix for social share plug-ins
  • bugfix fix for project download
  • bugfix for project not being when logout
  • bugfix for filenames and extensions of 2D image tools
  • bugfix for PNG images (also standard 2D tool)
  • bugfix for cloning slides and its contents
  • bugfix for linking slide by drop in the scene
  • bugfix for google sphere taken with android device
  • bugfix for ‘new project’ button

We are very proud to offer you this great version of HoloBuilder. Not at least because of the new filter function, which is definitely faster and more comfortable than using multiple apps to get a picture ready for upload. So we would like to encourage you to try it out for yourself, tell us your opinion and suggestions for further improvements or other great features you would like in the comment section.