The next level of individual creativity: custom textures in new holobuilder version 67

Custom textured shapes in holobuilder v67

A room built with custom textured shapes in holobuilder v67

Our developers just deployed a new version (namely 67) of holobuilder that provides amazing unique features, setting it even further apart from competition as a one-of-a-kind web tool:

You can now add 3D shapes with custom textures to your creations! This means that you can add any picture you like to one of five pre-defined 3D objects and place them right into your content, for example to build a room with floor and wall textures like visible in the example above this article. Or you could place an object with your own logo shown on it anywhere into your sphere. Just to mention two examples.

At the moment you can choose between the following shapes:

  1. Box (for example great for room designing with backside texture)
  2. Sphere
  3. Square (similar to a two dimensional picture, but rotatable)
  4. Cone
  5. Tube (useful for panorama pictures that are not full spherical)

To add a shape just create a slide like usual (photosphere or empty room for example), click the “add content” button Add Content Icon and select “shape with custom texture”. At next you can select which shape you would like to add:

Available shapes for use with custom textures in holobuilder v67

Available shapes for use with custom textures in holobuilder v67


In the following step you will be asked to add any image you like to the 3D shape and if you select one it will be uploaded to cover the object as texture:

Custom texture import dialogue

Adding a custom texture to a 3D shape in holobuilder v67

In the dialogue you can furthermore decide where the texture shall be placed on the object depending on its shape. For example it can be drawn on the front, the back or both sides. We think this offers a large variety of new possibilities for even more individual, creative content creations.

And last but not least in this new version as usual some bugs have gone forever as well.

We are hoping that you are as excited about this new feature as we are and can use it to create awesome individual, creative content. In case of any questions or suggestions for improvements please do not hesitate to contact us!