How to create your own little planet view using HoloBuilder

Stop jumping through all kinds of hoops. Create and share your personal little planets without switching between numerous apps directly in HoloBuilder with just a few clicks! Show your Holos as little planets and share them easily on your social networks.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create and share little planet view for your holospheres.

Set your little planet view

Set your little planet view in just a few clicks. Open the ‘Scene Settings’ Slide Settings Icon in the left-hand side scene overview and select the small ‘little planet’ icon, on the left side, right above the scene preview thumbnail. The editor for customizing your personal little planet holosphere will open. Simply adjust the image to your liking by rotating, zooming or turning your whole world inside out. Save your finished little planet perspective as a thumbnail for your selected scene.

Note: You can choose whether you want to make your Holos augmentations visible in your little planet view. Simply check the checkbox at the lower left corner when customizing your little planet view to show the added objects inserted onto the little planet perspective.

Download your custom little world view

You can download your little world holosphere as a .jpg file. In the scene settings of the corresponding scene, select the download button  located directly above the tiny planet preview thumbnail. The image will be saved in your download folder.

Note: Name your scene in the scene settings to also set the filename of your downloaded little world holosphere.



Set little planet as thumbnail for your Holos

It is possible to share your Holos with the little planet holosphere as a placeholder. Find out more about sharing your Holo.

1) Create a new Holo,
2) Generate a tiny world image as thumbnail for the first scene as described above,
3) Save the project,
4) Simply share the Holo link on Facebook.

Note: If you want to share projects you already shared or tried sharing on Facebook, you will probably still see the previous thumbnail or the HoloBuilder logo. Unfortunately, showing the new thumbnail is prevented by Facebook since it caches the link information of previously posted links and thus, HoloBuilder can’t set the new thumbnail. 

To add a new thumbnail to an existing Holo, try duplicating the Holo and proceed as described above.


If you have any further questions, comments or feedback, please don’t hesitate to write us!