Cardboard & HoloBuilder – How does it work?

As it has already been pointed out in this tutorial, HoloBuilder has dedicated support for Google Cardboard and similar devices. A more detailed step-by-step guide is given in the following instructions:

  1. Get a Google Cardboard or similar device, for example from here.
  2. Open a #Holo in your smartphone’s mobile web browser (preferably Google Chrome). For a start, we would recommend this good-looking one.
  3. Enable the sensor and cardboard modes of the HoloPlayer (see the red box in the image below). Tap on each icon to change the mode.
  4. Put your smartphone into your cardboard device. The tiny dot at the center of the screen is for clicking objects. Place it on an object for a short amount of time – until the loading circle is completed – for clicking and triggering an action. This way you can “walk around” in your virtual tour.
  5. Enjoy!

Cardboard view on smartphone

View the additional video tutorial to get a better understanding of the cardboard mode. The whole process and set-up are explained in the video below. Go ahead and grab yourself a cardboard and get excited! 🙂

We want to end this tutorial with an advanced tip for troubleshooting, in case you are experiencing problems with your Android phone and its sensors:

  1. Please install a compass app.
  2. Move and turn around by 360 degrees to see if everything is working properly or if there are problems with you sensors.
  3. If there are problems, please reset your compass according to Google’s tutorial.

Now everything should work properly and you should be able to enjoy your #Holo in your Google Cardboard.
If you experience other problems or have any further questions concerning the use of the cardboard mode, please write us an email.