Better Than Ever: HoloBuilder Version 48 is Online

HoloBuilder v. 48

HoloBuilder v. 48

Some time has passed since the last developer post announcing version 41 of, but that does not mean that the developers did not work  harder than ever. Since then a lot has changed and the whole experience has become even better. To outline what is waiting for you we will give you an overview in a summarized changelog for all highlights that have been released between version 41 and 48. Furthermore we have listed all known bugs that have been fixed, just in case you would like to know if one known to you may still exist.

One remark before you try any of the new features: Please use “clear browser history” to update cached scripts and images before you go to the site! Thank you.

Feature Changes:
– We have officially left the “alpha” state!
– Several updates with great new content for the all new landing page with mobile optimization
– All new explore page with all projects sorted by views. You can even comment on projects that are listed there
– Share link from app links now to explore page
– Meta information is written into header. So if you embed or post a project you will see the name, description and thumbnail of this project in your post
– New model-import-flow for .obj models. So if you import an .obj model it will be taken “as is” if you do not modify it (e.g. change top / simplify). This allows loading of Minecraft models without unnecessary grown of model file-size. Here you can find an example Sphere markers are now compressed. The feature is also integrated for loading of old projects: If a sphere-marker is too big it will be compressed and updated. Therefore try to load your old projects and save it again to update spheres and make projects load faster!
– Screenshots of a scene now have transparency. So it is possible to create own 3D-Logos, e.g. like the following one  (click the link to get to the presentation):

3D Logo with transparency created in

3D Logo with transparency

– Screenshot of a slide can be downloaded in “edit name/description of a slide” view (just click to slide name)
– Rotation (changing top) of an .obj model has no influence in importer to export .obj again (so you can rotate object in importer without making the model bigger)
– Objects that have a command are now bounced up by mouse over & mouse cursor changes to finger
– New info and question box models
– YouTube channel in menu bar updated
– New user registration flow: -> Name / company name / phone are removed from registration form and can be set in profile options -> Users that are active on on the platform for more than one week will get email with direct question to give a feedback
– Automatically enabling the sensors in the player mode if they are available on the device hardware
– Catching possible errors (bug-tracking)
– Warnings in “wrong” mobile browsers
– By loading project first slide is selected and objects appears one by one while loading
– Saving of original project creator
– Drag’n’Drop of slide in scene creates a link to the slide. Defaults: -> Sphere model / box model (depends on slide type) -> Texture from thumbnail -> Rotate animation
– Automated setting of a thumbnail (from marker)
– First slide is selected by default by loading of project
– Added a “support us” page to landing page
– Thumbnail will be smaller and in format JPG for VR and PNG for AR slides
– Models will be checked by their MD5-Hash. That means no two same models will be uploaded to server and the same models will also be downloaded only once

– Stereo effect fix
– Fixed “call number” on mobile devices
– Bugfix on saving of foreign projects
– Bugfix on loading progressbar
– Bugfix on asking to save project by loading project in player

So which feature do you like most? Do you miss anything or do you know a bug that we should fix? Just get in touch: Post a comment right below this post, use one of the contacts from the website or tweet to @HoloBuilder and let us know how we can enhance your user experience. Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback!