Always evolving: HoloBuilder version 79 contains loads of new features

Japanese Text in HoloBuilder v79

Japanese Text in HoloBuilder v79

Some time has passed since we shared the last dedicated developer blog post with you. But as you might have seen from our latest tutorials, some amazing new features have been added to HoloBuilder, which improve your user experience a lot. For example with the possibility of adding (custom) sounds to your creations you can make them even more immersive by adding an additional sense. And in the latest version this new feature was even improved; but read about the new highlights that are available in the recently released v79 for yourself in the familiar changelog format:

  • Custom sharing feature added
  • Internet Explorer 11 support added
  • Google Log-In support added
    Google Log-In Button in HoloBuilder v79
  • Japanese (3D) text support added
  • Asynchronous text loading added
  • Repeat function for audio feature added
  • Lazy model load mode: 3D models will be loaded when the slide is opened
    Lazy Load in HoloBuilder v79

    Lazy Load Animation in HoloBuilder v79

  • Mouse following in iFrame improved
  • Edit button visible only for project owner
  • You will be asked for your password when changing your e-mail address
  • FPS-manager in iFrame mode switched off
  • ‘First steps’ user tutorial improved
  • Images on landing pages optimized
  • Sign-Up for newsletter at registration added
  • Country selection at registration added
    Country selection and newsletter sign-up in HoloBuilder v79

    Country selection and newsletter sign-up in HoloBuilder v79

  • Bugfix for dropping files from card/phone into the scene
  • Sensor seebright mode deactivated
  • Auto collapsing for the sidebar in checklist and text presentations added
  • Linking of slides in player mode deactivated
  • Big refactoring stuff done ✓

So what do you think about the progress and the latest developments? Do you miss anything or do you know a bug that we should fix? Just get in touch: Post a comment below this article, use one of the contacts from the website or tweet to @HoloBuilder and let us know how we can further enhance your user experience. Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback!