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 LG 360 CAMRicoh Theta SSamsung Gear 360 cameraV.360°Giroptic 360camBublcamNikon KeyMission 360
Price265€ / $280379€ / $350350€/$499 $449499€ / $500-780 $799unknown
ModesPhoto, VideoPhoto, VideoPhoto, Video, Timelapse Video, Looping VideoPhoto, VideoPhoto, Video, Timelapse, Photo Burst, Live StreamPhoto, Video
Photo Resolution13 MP x2 ( 5560 x 2830 pixel)14MP x225.9 MP x2 (7776 x 3888 pixel)8MP (6480 x 1080 pixel) 4K (4096 x 2048 pixel)14MP (5376x2688 pixel)
Video Resolution2K ( 2560 x 1280 Pixel) 1920x1080 pixel (max. 25 minutes)3840 x 1920 pixel6480 x 1080 pixel 2K (2048 x 1024 pixel)1984x992 pixel4K (3840x2160 pixel)
Frames per second303030303030
Battery1200 mAh (70min)Approx. 260 photos1350 mAh (2h video)2610 mAh1h video1560 mAh
Lensf2.0 Fisheyef2.0 Fisheye bright lensf2.8 fisheye lensesf 2.0NIKKOR Objective
No. of Lenses2221342
No. of Microphones322231
StorageInternal 4GB + MicroSDInternal 8GB MicroSD (max. 128 GB)MicroSD (max. 128 GB)MicroSD (max. 128 GB)MicroSD (max. 32GB)
ConnectivityWiFiWiFi, HD-Live-Streaming, Live-Ansicht Video (10fps)WiFi, BlueToothWiFi, BlueToothWiFiWiFiWiFi, BlueTooth
CompabilityAndroid 5.0 or higher, Windows 7 or higherGalaxy S6 series, Note 5, PCAndroid, iOSAndroid, Windows, iOS, ComputerAndroid, iOS, Windows PC, & Mac
Dimensions98.5x43.4x29.8mm44x130x22,9 mm66.7 x 56.3 x 60.1 mm56 x 101.8mm (287cc)71 x 70 x 70 mm80mm diameter
Durability--Dust-resistant, splash resistantShock, dust, and water proof up to 3 feet for 30 minutesWaterproofShock, dust, bump and water proof up to 100 feet, extreme temperatures
Special FeaturesShutter speed between 1/6400 and 60 sec GPS, barometer, altimeter, and accelerator, time laps functionImage stabilizer


specification/featureRICOH THETA SRICOH THETA M15
Object distanceApprox. 10cm - ∞ (from front of lens)Approx. 10cm - ∞ (from front of lens)
Shooting modeStill image: Auto, shutter priority, ISO priority,manual Video: AutoStill image: Auto, shutter priority, ISO priority, Video: Auto
Exposure control modeAutoAuto
Exposure compensationStill image: Manual compensation (-2.0 - +2.0EV, 1/3EV step)Still image: Manual compensation (-2.0 - +2.0EV, 1/3EV step)
ISO sensitivity (standard output sensitivity)Still image: ISO 100 to 1600, Video: ISO 100 to 1600, Live streaming: ISO100 - 1600Still image: ISO 100 to 1600, Video: ISO 100 to 400
White balance modeStill image: Auto, Outdoor, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent light 1, Incandescent light 2, Daylight color fluorescent light, Natural white fluorescent light, White fluorescent light, Light bulb color fluorescent light Video: Auto Live streaming: AutoStill image: Auto, outdoors, shade, cloudy, incandescent lamp 1, incandescent lamp 2,daylight color fluorescent lamp, natural white fluorescent lamp, white fluorescent lamp, light bulb color fluorescent lamp, Video: Auto
Shutter speedStill image: 1/6400 - 1/8 sec. (in auto, ISO priority or shutter priority modes), 1/6400 - 60 sec. (in manual mode) Video: 1/8000 - 1/30 sec. (in 1920 x 1080 video size), 1/8000 - 1/15 sec. (in 1280 x 720 video size) Live streaming: 1/8000 - 1/15 sec.Still image: 1/8000 sec. to 1/7.5 sec. Video: 1/8000 sec. to 1/15 sec.
Recording mediumInternal, approximately 8GBInternal, approximately 4GB
Number of photos that can be recorded, timeStill image: Approx. 1,600 images when image size is 5376 x 2688, approx. 9,000 images when image size is 2048 x 1024 Video (timer per recording): Max. 25 minutes or less than 4GB Video (total recording time): Approx. 65 minutes with 1920 x 1080 video size, approx. 175 minutes with 1280 x 720 video sizeStill image: Approx. 1200, Video (time per recording): Max. 5 minutes, Video (total recording time): Approx. 60 minutes.
Battery life, Power sourceApprox. 260 photos, Lithium ion battery (built in)Approx. 200 photos, Lithium ion battery (built in)
Image file formatStill image: JPEG (Exif Ver. 2.3), DCF2.0 compliant, Video: MP4 (Video: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Audio: AAC)Still image: JPEG (Exif Ver. 2.3), DCF2.0 compliant, MOV (Video: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Audio: LinearPCM)
External interfaceMicro USB terminal: USB 2.0 HDMI-Micro terminal (Type-D): HDMI 1.4microUSB: USB2.0
Exterior/external dimensions, Weight44 mm (W) x 130 mm (H) x 22.9 mm (17.9 mm) (D), Approx. 125g42mm (W) x 129mm (H) x 22.8mm (17.4 mm) (D), Approx. 95g
Usage temperature range, Usage humidity range, Storage temperature range0°C - 40°C, 90% or less, -20°C - 60°C0°C - 40°C, 90% or less, -20°C - 60°C