How to Upgrade to HoloBuilder Premium Plans

Upgrade your HoloBuilder account
Upgrade your HoloBuilder account to get access to more personalization and privacy settings. Each Premium Plan can be extended according to your individual needs.

Up- or downgrade your account anytime to quickly adapt your Plan to your current requirements.

Starter Plan

The HoloBuilder Starter Plan is available for free. It provides access to all basic editorial features, such as:

  • Unlimited Basic Holos – Holos are your personal projects. Basic Holos are public and can be copied by other HoloBuilder users. The users are allowed to publish a copy or an edited copy without giving credit
  • Unlimited sharing – Profit of multiple sharing and embedding options to publish your work
  • Adding unlimited Text & 3D Objects – Upload custom 2D & 3D objects, insert custom 2D & 3D text into an AR/VR scene and choose from a broad library of predefined 2D & 3D objects, animations, and actions to enhance your environment.
  • Email support – Our friendly support team will gladly process any questions, feedback, and feature requests you have. Just send an email to
  • and many more.

Go to to sign up for your free HoloBuilder Starter account now.

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Upgrade your personal account according to your needs. Any Premium Account can be easily up- or downgraded at any time.

Premium Features

Each Premium Plan offers individual Premium Features to adapt your account to your special needs and enhances new Premium Features to the existing features. Premium Features of lower Premium Plans will also be available in higher ones.

The Premium Features at a glance:

  • Priority support – Get the answer to your question by email in less than eight hours. Any email at the support address with one of the given Premium Plans will be handled with the highest priority.
  • Personal Tutorials – To learn even faster about the tips and tricks when working with HoloBuilder, book a 30-minute One-on-One video call with a member of our friendly support team.  The live tutorial can, e.g., consist of you asking questions about any HoloBuilder related topic. Furthermore, we supply a list of topics you can choose from to get prepared tutoring.
  • Premium Holo Limit – Premium Holos provide premium features, like e.g. white labeling, according to your current plan. Each Premium Plan holds a given monthly number of Premium Holos. Every account has a Premium Holo limit which can be increased easily.
  • Premium Holo attributes – Each Premium Holo is defined by a setting of selected attributes that can be chosen from in the ‘Settings’ of the Holo.
    • Protection – Remove the ‘Copy & Edit’ button to protect your Holos from being cloned by others.
    • Visibility – A Holos visibility can be set to public, unlisted or private.
      • public  – The Holos will be published on our explore page and be visible for everyone with a share link.
      • unlisted – The Holos won’t be listed on our explore page but are still visible for everyone with a share link.
      • private – The Holos won’t be listed anywhere and can not be viewed by anyone with a share link. Only HoloBuilder users given special permissions will be able to view the shared Holo.
    • Branding – Customize the HoloPlayer by adding your personal logo to your Holos. Furthermore, you can enhance your branding with by adding e.g. your homepage link to the uploaded logo.
    • White Label – Remove the HoloBuilder logo from your Holo when viewing in the HoloPlayer.
  • Extend your Premium Holo limit – You can extend your monthly Holo limit by 10, 50, or 100 additional Premium Holos per month for only $4.99, $12.99 or $19.99 a month.

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How to upgrade?

Go to Select your Premium Plan and click on upgrade. Enter your credit card information and, if at hand, coupon code.

Pay attention to our social networks. From time to time we offer special discount coupons redeemable for any upgrade as well as extension of your Premium Holo limit.

Your upgrade will automatically be renewed for the given price of the currently booked Premium Plan. Cancel your Premium Plan one month in advance to the next payment date to avoid any complications

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How to downgrade?

To downgrade your account, simply send us an email. We will then manage the downgrade of your account and the changing of (former) Premium Holos accordingly.

For now, to downgrade to another Premium Plan, you need to first downgrade to the Starter Plan. You can then select your new Premium Plan and upgrade as described above.

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Payment possibilities

For now, it is only possible to pay by credit card. Enter the according information in the designated fields to complete the Premium booking process.

If available, enter a coupon code in the appropriate field. HoloBuilder will distribute different coupon codes from time to time via newsletter or directly on the Premium Plan website.

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HoloBuilder Premium Plans

HoloBuilder offers three Premium Plans Pro, Business, and Business+. Each plan entails Premium Features which will add to the currently available features. Go to to upgrade your account now.


Upgrade to HoloBuilder Pro for US$7.99 a month per editor.

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Upgrade to HoloBuilder Business US$19.99 a month per editor.

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Upgrade to HoloBuilder Business+ US$34.99 a month per editor.

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1. What is the difference between Business and Business+?

Both, the Business as well as the Business+ Plan, offer mainly the same Premium Features:

  • Brand your Holos with your company logo,
  • Protect your Holos from being copied,
  • Remove the HoloBuilder Logo from your Holos,
  • Share your Holos privately only with other HoloBuilder members,
  • Priority help whenever you need it (within the next 8 hours)

However, the Business+ plan gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages and special features of both, the Pro and the Business Plan, as well as an additionally profit from a 30-minute One-on-One live tutorial to get your answers right away. Furthermore, you have 15 Premium Holos per month instead of 10.

2. Can the tour be embedded to a website or will my clients have to go to to see it?

Your Holo/ VR tour can be embedded as an iFrame HTML code snippet into any website. Your customers do not need to go to our website. With the branding and white labeling option, you can even share your Holos on your website without any reference to HoloBuilder.

Learn more about embedding your Holo with our complete tutorial.

3. If I have the 10 Premium Holos of my Business account used and I need more, can I delete one tour and create a new one without being charged?

Yes, that is correct. When upgrading to Business Plan, you have a Holo limit of 10 Premium Holos per month. To create more than 10 Premium Holos per month, you can either extend your Premium Holo limit or delete existing Premium Holos to decrease the number of already created Premium Holos. Consequently, you can delete and redo as many Premium Holos as you like per month but only 10 Premium Holos can be saved to your cloud at the same time.

Go to and change your Plan now according to your needs.

Live Support

We supply a live chat to directly resolve questions concerning the HoloBuilder Premium Plans. If you still have queries concerning any HoloBuilder upgrade, go to and communicate with one of our friendly support members live.


If you still need some more clarity on any subject or if you have any questions that are not covered by this tutorial, please do not hesitate to contact us! Any feedback, suggestions for improvements as well as new tutorials, are always welcome.

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