HoloBuilder Subscription Plans

Choose your HoloBuilder subscription plan to get access to more personalization and privacy settings as well as carefully developed tools for your special use case. Each Plan is tailored to support your individual needs.

1 HoloBuilder subscription plans overview
1.1 Basic
1.2 Real Estate
1.3 Construction
1.4 No active subscription
2 Features Overview
3 Change subscription
3.1 Payment possibilities
3.2 Subscribing or upgrading your account
3.3 Upgrading with an old account
3.4 Downgrading or canceling a subscription
4 FAQs
5 Live Support

Up- or downgrade your account anytime to quickly adapt your subscription to your current requirements. Sign up now and start your 21-day trial including all features.


1 HoloBuilder subscription plan overview

Choose between the three paid plans Basic, Real Estate, and Construction. Each plan entails carefully combined features supporting your professional use case which will add to the features of a previous plan.

Go to HoloBuilder.com to sign up for your free 21-day trial of the Construction plan now. No creditcard details are necessary. After the trial you are free to subscribe to any of the plans accoding to your needs.

1.1 The Basic plan

Subscribe to HoloBuilder Basic for US$6.00 a month when paid annually and US$10.00 a month when paid monthly. You can choose the payment period when subscribing to the plan.

  • Get unlimited projects to create amazing VR experiences for any purpose, e.g school projects, holiday tours or simply as a new online marketing strategy for your business.
  • Connect 360° images to tours enriched with unlimited text & 2D/ 3D objects. View any of your projects by cardboard or similar VR headsets.
  • Enhance your customers experience by adding helpful sheets, such as floor plans, to navigate even easier through your 360° listings.
  • Protect your tours and prevent others from copying your corporate work.
  • Display your work and share your 360° projects via link with anyone, or embed each project on your personal website.


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1.2 The Real Estate plan

Subscribe to HoloBuilder Real Estate for US$36.00 a month when paid annually or US$60.00 a month when paid monthly. Additionally to all features provided with the Basic plan, profit from specialized features for real estate:

  • Get unlimited projects each month to create amazing 360° listings of your currently available housings easy and fast. Show your housings online to present your customers with less effort of driving up to each house and being able to preselect their personal favorites.
  • Connect 360° images to interactive listings enriched with unlimited text & interactive 2D/ 3D objects. View any of your 360° tours by cardboard or similar VR headsets.
  • Organize your scenes according to the different levels or areas of a site with multiple sheets.
  • Add your personal logo to your 360° listings for a better brand representation and recognition among your customers.
  • Extend your branding options and remove the HoloBuilder logo from your 360° listings.
  • Display your 360° listings only where you want and share them directly with interested customers. Embed each 360° project on your personal website by HTML iFrame easily with copying & pasting the provided code snippet.


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1.3 The Construction plan

Upgrade to HoloBuilder Construction for US$75.00 a month when paid annually or US$125.00 a month when paid monthly. Additionally to all features provided with the Real Estate plan, profit from specialized features for your personal construction use case:

  • Restrict the access to sensitive projects and share them exclusively with selected HoloBuilder users. Enable editing and viewing rights for an even better cooperation of, e.g., construction manager, project manager, and site supervisor.
  • Work with discretion: keep the privacy of your co-workers on any 360° construction site with face blurring and respect their anonymity with very less effort.
  • Easily document any developments of a construction site or in building management over a period of time with Time Travel. Create your 360° construction sites as usual and switch between customized dates for each added 360° scene of your project.
  • Beta release: Add realistic wall measurements for walls, windows, or doors directly in your 360° scene to display relevant information on proportions and layouts in order to better discussing any 360° construction site remotely. Make and present accurate changes right in place for relocating windows and doors or planning interior designs.
  • If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, talk to us in a personal 30-minute training each month. We are happy to assist you with anything related to your personal use case. 

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1.4 No active subscription

If you are currently not subscribed to a paid plan and do not have an active subscription, your HoloBuilder account will be quite limited in its functionalities. Without an active subscription to any of the paid plans, you will only be able to view projects other HoloBuilder users shared with you. You will not be able to edit, share or view your own saved projects.

Upgrade to any of the HoloBuilder paid plans to regain access to the necessary functionalities. All your projects will be stayed securely saved in your inactive account without any limitations and will not be deleted by us at any time.

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2 Feature overview

Below you will find a comparison of the new plans – Basic, Real Estate, and Construction, including the inactive subscription – and the old plans – Starter, Pro, Business, and Business+. If you think of upgrading your old plan to any of the new plans, you can find the corresponding comparison in the table below. Learn more on upgrading your old subscription to a new plan here.

No active subscriptionBasicReal EstateConstructionStarterProBusinessBusiness+
Paid Plan-XXX-XXX
Project limit-----*XXX
Expand 'Holo limit'**-----XXX
See own projects-XXXXXXX
See projects shared by othersXXXXXXXX
Share project-XXXXXXX
Embed project-XXXXXXX
Remove 'Copy & Edit' button-XXX-XXX
Set visibility as public-XXXXXXX
Set visibility as unlisted--XX--XX
Set visibility as private---X--XX
Add custom logo--XX-XXX
Remove HoloBuilder logo--XX--XX
Add single sheet-XXXXXXX
Add multiple sheets (coming soon)--XX----
Extended image format support (e.g. cube maps)--XX----
Face blurring---X---X
Wall Measurement (beta release)---X----
Time Travel---X----
Personal live traning session---X---X

* Has no ‘Premium HoloBuilder Projects’ with special features
** To expand your HoloBuilder Project limit, write us your request at support@holobuilder.com


X : included feature
: not available with this plan
New features

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3 Change plan

Upgrade your personal account according to your needs. Any subscription can be easily up- or downgraded any time according to the specified time period. Simply go to HoloBuilder.com/Premium and upgrade your account now to the plan that is right for you.

3.1 Payment possibilities

For now, it is only possible to pay by credit card. Enter the corresponding information in the designated text fields to complete the booking process. You can change your payment details for an ongoing subscription at any time in your profile on the pricing page when logged in.

If available, enter a coupon code in the appropriate field. HoloBuilder will distribute different coupon codes from time to time via newsletter or directly on the Premium Plan website. Coupons can only be applied to a new subscription.

Furthermore, you can choose between annual and monthly payments. Annual subscriptions will automatically apply a discount compared to the monthly subscription. You can see the corresponding pricing on the pricing page when clicking on ‘UPGRADE’. You can change your subscription period in your profile on the pricing page when logged in. Note that, when changing from an annual subscription to a monthly subscription of the same plan, the change of payment period will only happen at the end of the annual subscription period. 

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3.2 Subscribing or upgrading your account

Go to HoloBuilder.com/Premium and select ‘BUY THIS PLAN’ – or ‘UPGRADE’ if you already have an active subscription – of your desired plan. Enter your credit card information and, if at hand, put down a coupon code to gain an additional discount. Pay attention to our social networks or newsletters. From time to time we offer special discount coupons redeemable for any upgrade as well as an extension of your Premium Holo limit.

If you did not yet have an active subscription to a paid plan – e.g. when in trial or with an inactive account – your account will be upgraded immediately after subscribing to the desired plan. The additional features will become accessible immediately according to your new plan subscription.

If you already are subscribed to a plan, your subscription can be upgraded directly to the new plan. Any saved HoloBuilder projects will be available as usual after the upgrade. Any upgrades within the same payment period will be effective right away. You will get immediate access to all advantages of the upgraded plan and pay only the balance to your new subscription.

Please note that an upgrade of an annual subscription to a monthly subscription of a higher plan will only be possible at the end of the annual subscription period to avoid double booking. You will gain access to all advantages of the newly upgraded plan after confirmation.

3.3 Upgrading with an old plan

If you are still subscribed to an old HoloBuilder planStarter, Pro, Business or Business+ – you can upgrade to any of the new paid plans on our pricing page – Basic, Real Estate, or Construction – at any time. Directly profit from creating unlimited HoloBuilder Projects. Furthermore, the new plans provide great new features, like uploading multiple sheets for a single project, Time Travel and Wall Measurement (beta release) in 360°. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to write us at support@holobuilder.com or contact us by live chat.

To expand your HoloBuilder Project limit for any of the old plans, please write us at support@holobuilder.com. However, we would recommend you to subscribe to any of the new paid plans on our pricing page as they do not have any project limitations at all.

Please note that any subscription from an old plan  – Starter, Pro, Business, Business+ – to any of the new plans – Basic, Real Estate, Construction –  will always be upgraded immediately. Any funds from your remaining subscription period of your old plan will be credited to your new subscription.

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3.4 Downgrading or canceling a subscription

Downgrade to another plan by selecting the plan accordingly on the pricing page. The downgrade will take effect at the end of your current payment period. All your saved HoloBuilder projects will be safely stored in your account and will not be deleted at any time by us. All HoloBuilder projects containing features of higher plans than the one currently downgraded to will become inaccessible for viewers, even if shared directly with a viewer. Remove all features of higher plans to make the projects accessible for others again.

If you cancel your subscription your account will become inactive. The cancellation of your paid subscription will be effective at the end of your current payment period. Note that with canceling the paid subscription completely, you will not be able to continue editing or view your saved HoloBuilder projects nor can they be accessed by anyone, not even if shared or embedded.

Downgrade or cancel your plan at best one month in advance to the next payment date to avoid any complications. If you do not downgrade/cancel the subscription before the payment for the next monthly/annual period is being booked from your credit card, your subscription will be prolonged automatically for another month/year. When the subscription is being downgraded/canceled before the current payment period has ended, you will still have access to all features entailed by your previous paid plan until the current subscription period is finished. You can see how long your current subscription will be active on the pricing page when logged in.

When downgrading your subscription to another paid plan, you will keep all your saved projects. Projects containing features only available in superior plans will be hidden from potential viewers until you remove those features or upgrade again to the corresponding subscription plan.

Note that it is only possible to downgrade from any subscription to a lower subscription at the end of the monthly/ annual subscription period. 

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4 FAQs

1. Can I try HoloBuilder before deciding on a paid plan?

Yes, you can try out all HoloBuilder features for free for 21 days. Select the button ‘START FREE TRIAL’/ ’FREE TRIAL’ on the pricing page to directly start using HoloBuilder. After the given trial period, the subscription will not be prolonged automatically. To continue using HoloBuilder after the trial has ended, please sign up to the plan that works best for you.

If you are still subscribed to an old HoloBuilder plan – Starter, Pro, Business or Business+ – you can try the new features for free additional to your current subscription. At the end of the trial phase, you can either stay with your plan or easily upgrade to the new plan accordingly – Basic, Real Estate or Construction.

2. Is there a free version of HoloBuilder?

No, any subscription requires a monthly or annual fee. It is not possible to use HoloBuilder without an active paid plan. Learn more about your options with HoloBuilder in our dedicated tutorial, or simply try the complete package 21 days for free with our trial offer.

3. Is there a limit on the number of projects I can create in my account?

No, you do not have any restrictions on the number of projects you can save to an account in any of the plans.

4. What is meant by ‘per editor’?

Each subscription is bound to an account which is created by a single editor. The account can only be accessed by the login of the account holder and there is no other access management available for this account. Only one user at a time can edit a project with this account.

5. Can I change my payment details?

Yes, you can either simply change your payment details for an ongoing subscription or change to another subscription plan or payment period with different payment details. Go to your profile on the pricing page and select the ‘UPGRADE’ button next to your current subscription. Alternatively, you can up- or downgrade your subscription and/or payment period.

Please note that it is only possible to change from an annual subscription to a monthly subscription at the end of the annual subscription period. To upgrade your lower annual subscription immediately, please upgrade to the higher plan with an annual payment period.

6. Is there a mobile app I can use with HoloBuilder?  

Yes, you can use our JobWalk app to easily speed up the capturing process. The app enables you to directly connect your 360° images to one or more sheets, e.g. a multi-level floor plan, and upload them as one virtual tour.  The JobWalk app is available for Android and iOS.

7. How safe is the used cloud and how safe would our projects be if stored in there?

Security is core to our business. Thus, HoloBuilder is built on Google Cloud, one of the safest servers of the world (https://cloud.google.com/security/). As HoloBuilder provides full https support, your connection is always encrypted via SSL. Each individual project is protected using user authentication and authorization. For email-password-authentication, the password is hashed with an individual salt so that a compromised database cannot reveal the credentials in plaintext.

For further information, you can access the complete security documentation here or write us at support@holobuilder.com.

8. Can HoloBuiler be used for larger environments with long-term needs or enterprise solutions?

Yes, if you have special requirements for your specific project or company, please reach out to our team at support@holobuilder.com to ask for our enterprise solution. We will try everything to help you with your individual needs.

9. Can I use HoloBuilder collaboratively?

Coming soon—For further information on possible collaborative work on a single project, please reach out to us directly at support@holobuilder.com. We would love to provide you with any additional information on this. 

10. I want to use HoloBuilder for education. Do you have special conditions for me?

Sure! We love education and want to support you with very special pricing options.

At HoloBuilder, our roots and our work are deeply ingrained in the education sector. We truly believe that education is one of the most powerful and important resources that we have in our society. Thus, we want to support it as well as we can with our special conditions for educational users. 

Who is eligible for HoloBuilder for Education?

In general: Everybody who wants to use HoloBuilder for educational purposes at their institution.

How can I apply for HoloBuilder for Education?

Because we like it simple, we only have 2 requirements that you will have to fulfill to apply:

  1. You have a .edu or comparable official educational institution’s e-mail address.
  2. You send us as an e-mail at education@holobuilder.com from your educational institution’s address, in which you explain how you educational scenario looks like. To make it even simpler for us, we will ask you to fill out the following form.


 I have special requirements. Can we talk?

Sure! Our support team will do everything they can to find a solution that makes you happy! Simply write us at education@holobuilder.com to get in touch.

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5 Live Support

We supply a live chat to directly resolve questions concerning the HoloBuilder paid plans. If you still have queries concerning any HoloBuilder upgrade, go to HoloBuilder.com/Premium and communicate with one of our friendly support members or reach out at support@holobuilder.com.


If you still need some more clarity on any subject or if you have any questions that are not covered by this post, please do not hesitate to contact us! Any feedback, suggestions for improvements as well as new tutorials, are always welcome.

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