HoloBuilder FieldManager for 360° project collaboration is coming soon!

HoloBuilder FieldManager is made to collaborate.


360° construction documentation is now a team sport:

HoloBuilder FieldManager is coming soon!


If construction was a sport it would be football - A sport where no individual can win the championship. A sport in which extraordinary people, processes, and players have to come together. A sport where “I” turns into “we.” Because we know that no individual can build the world alone, we celebrate teamwork. Because you told us that you believe in teamwork, too, we are excited to announce FieldManager, our long awaited collaboration product!
FieldManager enables teams to capture, work, comment, and view a single HoloBuilder project together.

Here is what you can expect to see online soon:

  • Invite colleagues to a single HoloBuilder project and allow them to capture and contribute to that project cooperatively.
    FieldManager Screenshot: Projects Shared With Me

  • Easily keep an overview of users invited to collaborate on a project, as well as the ability to manage their rights.
    FieldManager Screenshot: Projects Permissions

  • Get notifications when your colleagues update the project and see who else is working on HoloBuilder at the same time.
    FieldManager Screenshot: Notifications

  • Download a HoloBuilder project during project close-out and provide a view-only deliverable to an owner to keep for the lifetime of the building.

  • Turn existing individual Construction Plan projects into FieldManager Projects with the new collaborative features.

The first FieldManager beta projects are already in the field and helping our customers to work closer together.
If you are interested in getting FieldManager for your construction site, please reach out to your friends at HoloBuilder or via e-mail at teamwork@holobuilder.com.
…if HoloBuilder was a sport, it would be football.


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